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Cenote Solutions delivers specialist applications and services to the education and training sectors, maximising the value of data institutions already have in order to facilitate improved recruitment, retention, successful outcomes and operational delivery models, particularly for international admissions and the whole student experience.


With over thirty years working in almost every aspect of technology and transformation, the team at Cenote has delivered some of the most complex and demanding software and consultancy projects in Australia and New Zealand. We focus on adding to core enterprise applications in functional areas where none of those system suppliers is able to create the highly specialised software that institutions increasingly need to deliver outstanding student experiences and protect revenues.


The best way to understand fully what we do and how we do it is to arrange to talk to us but, in the meantime, the details below should be sufficient to inform, inspire and excite!


For those who have not been fortunate enough to travel to Mexico and visit a deep and beautiful underground cenote, the reason for the name may be a mystery.  


When called a 'sinkhole', the cenote doesn't sound too attractive!  However, when you see one and dive into its crystal clear waters,.... that is another matter entirely.

Fed from a multitude of subterranean sources, cenotes are not dissimilar to tertiary education data flows - lots of dark hidden places that few ever know are there, let alone go to.  


We turn data into insight and insight into action, meaningful action.


We focus where it matters; on the student, their recruitment, their experience and their outcomes; absolutely everything else you need to make your institution successful follows from these things.

We want to maximise the value you get from the plethora of data sources you already have but has not been joined up to focus on what those data mean and what to do about it.


Our applications are built from the bottom up to be cloud-deployed, fully responsive, secure and accessibility compliant.

Each of our applications has been designed to be integrated with your current systems and data, with your existing authentication models and to reflect your organisational structures, role, permissions and operational models.



Experience and Engagement Management 

It is remarkable how much money and time organisations are prepared to invest in applications that, more or less, do the same things as each other and do so in the name of 'customer relationship management.'  It is as though the mere fact that a system has the tag 'CRM' means that, by some form of magic, the recording of communications in a transactional record-keeping system is going to create significantly greater insights into your students or other stakeholders.  Does recording notes about a phone call actually tell you how a student is feeling, what the best course of action is to support that student or what the level of risk is that the student will never enrol, will withdraw before census or sometime later or is likely to fail?

The whole point of what we have developed is that our software, Student Pulse, not only offers the single richest source of student and stakeholder information in your organisation, but also has the tools and analytics able to provide real and meaningful information on where you should focus your resources, how, why and when.  It can then automate the processes of engaging with every student as an individual and ensure that actions are followed up in a timely and personalised way, making your students feel cared for and connected with their learning and your organisation.

To do this we ingest as much of the data as you can give us from your existing systems as often as you can give it to us, usually at least once every 24 hours.  We provide a ready-to-use education-specific data warehouse that you can extend and configure to suit your needs, but one that comes with pretty much everything you need out-of-the-box.  Whether it is student, courses, units, assessments, learning management system activities (even down to discussion threads), attendance, accommodation, agents, access control, external companies, staff etc etc, Pulse can accommodate your data.

Once it is safe and secure inside Pulse, it can be profiled, analysed, compared and contrasted, challenged and cleaned while all the time being used to generate personalised, contextualised and timely engagements with your students, your staff, your partner companies and anyone else you need to communicate with.  It chases when needed, it adapts channels when needed and it auto-cancels when time is up or individual circumstances change.

The simple schematic below tries to illustrate the closed loop model of data management and reuse.  Every completed engagement, whether a phone call, a meeting, a text message, chat or email is recorded not as crude notes incapable of being analysed, but as a blend of structured data and explanatory text on which Pulse can report and act.

The sections below provide more detail on specific areas of functionality and can be implemented individually if you wish. 




Systems Procurement  and Implementation

We implement our own applications - obviously we do that and we're pretty good at it; pragmatic, agile, decisive, creative and bloody hard workers.  We can become part of your teams, living and breathing the change management, the data integration, the communications strategy, the training and the go-live.  Or we can do it the 'traditional way' - up to you but we know which we prefer and works better.

In addition, we also help you procure other systems that are crucial to your institution's operational management and student lifecycle.  Because we have been doing education technology for over 30 years, we have seen most things, done most things and know most things about most suppliers.  When you've sold systems for decades, you get pretty good at knowing what salespeople are trying to do to you and even better at making sure they don't!

In our clients section, there are a few case studies of work we have done; those should help explain what we do and how we do it; far better than descriptions of our 'unique methodology' or 'paradigm-shifting philosophy'.

Interim Leadership and Transformation

There is nothing like having to make decisions, live and die by them and see them transform the way institutions work, staff behave and students benefit to make you understand how exciting, invigorating and vital working in education can be.  Because we have been around the education world for so long and done a wide variety of roles, we are able to step into your institutions and take on roles and challenges that many others might struggle to.  It's not that others don't have the knowledge of what the role is but it's often that they struggle to break the boundaries of constraining organisational and operational habits, norms and mores.  To do that, to break through and achieve real and rapid change, takes experience of major change and transformation projects where the 'impossible' became the 'credible' and then the new reality.  Only then do staff colleagues and leadership look back and realise that what couldn't be done in a few months actually could be done and was done.

That is what we do.  Have a look at some of our case studies below to find out more.  If you want a list of all the methodology boxes we can tick, then please ask; it's a pretty long list but clients are better as references.




We'd like to introduce the Cenote Management Team:


With over thirty years’ experience working with technology in education, Mark has built successful edutech businesses in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.  His enthusiasm for technology and its positive impact on education to improve student outcomes is infectious; it allows people to see what can be done with creativity, dedication and a determination to change traditional approaches to student management.

Chief Executive

With 25 years’ experience across a broad cross-section of industries, including over 10 in education, Liam is a multi-disciplinarian in all areas of general management and operational excellence. His ability to see patterns before others do, to detect signals early, and bring together diverse people, ideas and practice have earned him the handle of ‘Solutioneer’, delivering innovative, operational, user-centric outcomes designed to address the big issues and shape a better future.

Director of



Cenote are very proud to have worked with the following leaders in education:




A few things our clients have had to say about our offerings:

 “As a small but rapidly growing technology business working in education, it is sometimes hard to navigate the challenges and changes we have to respond to.  Having Mark alongside us to advise, guide and support us has been invaluable.  His ability to see beyond the immediate need and identify where the added value lies how allowed us to accelerate developments and market initiatives more quickly and effectively.  His commercial experience and judgement has played an important role in some of our most significant contracts and we look forward to working with him for many years to come.”

Ben Grozier, CEO of ClassCover



A lovely award - November 22

We are delighted to have been recognised for our market-leading work by APAC CIO Outlook who have placed as one of the top 5 education technology companies in Australia.

We believe passionately in what we do and work hard to try to be creative and yet 
pragmatic, ambitious and yet realistic, confident but not arrogant.

When someone from the outside world recognises that we have done some cool stuff and made a difference, that is a lovely acknowledgment that we are getting some 
stuff right.  Always plenty of room for getting more stuff right, but it is nice to feel seen and appreciated by some industry experts.

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