At no time in the recent history of international student recruitment has it been more important for tertiary education institutions to be able to optimise the conversion of student applications into student enrolments AND to be able to retain those students for the full duration of their courses.

The competition for international students is going to tougher than ever as institutions fight to secure a critical revenue source as, across the World, countries recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.  Whichever institutions get to the right students fastest will win the day and, as we all know, to the victor go the spoils!

Almost all admissions departments tend to deal with international applications from agents, brokers and direct on a first-come-first-served basis.  Whether by email or via a portal, applications pile up as staff review them for completeness and compliance before they are considered for desirability. While this goes on, the most desirable (educationally!) may be getting targeted, rapid responses from competitors so that, by the time your institution has reached those students 'in the pile', it is too late. They have an offer, have accepted and are being drawn in their new educational community (possibly using Student Pulse to engage with them and find out how they are feeling about their future).

Priorityze integrates in real-time with your existing admissions management system and guides you towards those applicants you should engage with immediately and those who can wait a little longer.  In truth, only 25-30% of your applicants will end up enrolling with you and yet all that time, resource and money is spent on the 70-80% that were probably never likely to.  No business should run that way!

Using your institutional historical data and a highly sophisticated optimisation algorithm, Priorityze allows you to set and then model your international application data in order to maximise your conversion rates.  A change from 25% to 28% could be worth millions of dollars and, in these times, every million counts like it is ten million!

In addition, Priorityze will manage and report on the efficiency and effectiveness of your admissions management processes and teams, whether they are centralised or distributed. Spending less to achieve more is the name of the education game these days and international students are more critical than ever.

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