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Very often, when discussing challenges and aspirations with our clients, the conversations touch on how painful it is when every department, the leadership and even some individuals will create and control their own calendars of events, surveys, emails, campaigns and other contact points with students.

Whilst everyone understandably has their own strategy for student comms and engagement, this does slightly ignore how the resultant waves of communications and occasional contradictions feels to students as they wash over them at various times of the year.  When a student is contacted by student services, their school or faculty and your comms team about the same stuff in the same week by email, text and the student portal, it is understandable that they might form the view that comms from the institution are not much worth reading!

uCal, the newest module in Student Pulse, provides a universal view on any and every event that your institution has underway, has completed and is in the plan for students to get the best possible learning and life experience you can give them. Through its integrations to external systems and sources (including your admin, HR and learning systems, your shared resources and planning sites, and, of course, the centrally controlled academic year calendar(s)) uCal gives a single place to go to get that joined up view.

You can create events and engagements by simple click and drag actions, group them by types, link them together in temporal chains that manage the flows of engagements and activities and no self-respecting calendar/timeline can hold its digital head high unless it supports drag and drop changes to any item on its configurable, multi-coloured interface!

Of course, you can't allow this stuff to become a free for all where anyone can create, change and confirm an event and all the student comms that go with it.  So uCal includes the ability to set statuses, enable team and individual ownership and control, and, if you wish, the ability to filter who can see what is happening across the institution.

uCal feels like that thing that everyone would love to have so that no-one has any opportunity to say "well, I didn't know that you were planning/doing/asking/saying X or Y or Z.  Wouldn't that be lovely?!!

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