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Student experience should not be measured by a few surveys. Student engagement is not optimised through email, chat, social media and announcements. Student relationship management is not transactional but should be experiential.

For engagement and communication to be effective it must be:

  • timely

  • targeted

  • contextualised

  • personalised

  • bi-directional

Far too many organisation invest in broadcasting to their student populations, usually en-masse, often from multiple sources and almost always with little thought for what students might be saying, thinking and feeling about their learning and university experience.  Broadcasting is not the same as listening!


And, even when surveys are sent out, how often and how quickly do students feel the impact of what they have said? Institutions often pride themselves on what QILT says but once a year doesn't feel exactly reactive to the here and now of a student's experience and needs.

Student Pulse is the application that changes all of that - quickly and cost-effectively!

Integrated with multiple data sources from across your institution, Student Pulse uses sophisticated risk analytics models and pattern matching to identify students in need of support, deserving of a pat on the back or who simply need reminding of what's next and checking that they understand what's going on.  Based on a set of preferences and system settings, Student Pulse will create and schedule calls, text messages, emails, face to face meetings, website intercepts and micro-surveys each of which can be completely personalised to the individual student.

Options to assign individual students to named 'advisors', automate follow-up actions and 'chaser engagements' while all the time having Student Pulse make sure that no student is 'falling through the cracks', make the application massively valuable as education becomes more and more about the student experience and outcomes.​

Student Pulse includes a number of modules that extend its functionality into even more unique areas of institutional insight and management.


For example, the challenges of assessing and reacting to risk at every stage of the student journey, often rely on little more than 'flags' against a student's basic biographic details.  That is no longer going to be enough to meet the expectations of students and the financial and operational needs of providers.  So, Pulse offers extensively configurable risk analytics functionality through its RADAA (Risk Attribute Dynamic Assessment Algorithm) module.  Risk factors can be set up, weighted and varied across every element of the curriculum with student risks scores and rankings being generated on a daily basis. To learn more about RADAA click here.

A major challenge for every institution is the difficulty of creating, managing and sharing a full view of the student journey that includes all communications and engagements mapped onto the university calendar. This is being solved through the development of uCal; click here to read more about this module.

One of the additional challenges faced by 'traditional' CRM systems is that they are unable to use details of contact transactions to extract sentiment in order to add that crucial dimension to understanding how best to engage with each student based on their feelings..  Click here to read more about SAM (Sentiment Analysis Manager)

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